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About Bob Snyder Auto Exchange

For more than one- hundred years, the Snyder family has made its impact on the transportation business in Orrville. From trotting hooves to hybrids, each mode of transportation, efficient during its era, has been an excellent way of getting people from here to there.

                In the mid 1800’s, in the midst of the Civil War, horse power had a different meaning, Emil Snyder, the original founder of the Snyder transportation business, supplied war horses to the Union Army.  Emil Snyder’s son, C.S. began to export horses from nearby Millersburg. Taking advantage of Orrville’s booming railroad industry. C.S. supplied horses to people all over the United States.  This was the spark that initiated five generations of the Snyder family being involved in the transportation industry. As the years went by, C.S. Snyder realized a new market filled with endless possibilities; the automobile. In 1912, he began to offer driving lessons while selling motorcars manufactured by the Ford Motor Company.  C. S. Snyder did not realize at the time that a recently purchased franchise with Ford would leave a one hundred year legacy in the Snyder name, truly introducing the automobile to the people of Orrville as well.  

                Even with a thriving new occupation, all five generations of the Snyder family felt that education, community involvement, and hard work was perhaps even more important than profit.

Over the span of 100 years, a lot a lot can happen. But, throughout that time the Snyder family still maintained traditional values by supplying quality, up-to-date, products and by serving the needs of their customers as well as the Orrville Community. They continue to preserve a trusting relationship and reputation with those around them leaving not only a lasting impression on the transportation industry, but Orrville itself. 

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