Post pandemic automobile sales have taken off like a rocket! Sales have been brisk, and dealerships with fair prices have very little inventory left to sell. Dealerships who spent far too much on inventory are loaded with high priced, used vehicles. We have chosen to wait out this bubble in the market with less inventory to sell, as we know that used cars cannot sustain the current level of wholesale prices.   Selectively purchasing inventory to specifically meet individual customers needs allows us to offer the best current price by closely following the market and buying only when it is of benefit to our customer. Holding big inventories of overpriced cars ultimately passes the expense to the customer. We care too much about our customers to ask them to support a huge inventory of cars so we can look like we have a big selection. We know our customers well enough to know our 100+ years of experience, knowledge and offering great value is more important to them than that! A recent customer just said “I wasn’t going to help pay for a car vending machine, and I am certainly not going to help finance the dealership’s expensive showroom remodel!”